10 tips on sticking to your New Year's resolutions

It's already been a few weeks since we rang in the New Year, but that doesn't mean that we can't still keep up with our resolutions. Have you already fallen off the wagon? Or are you still keeping up with them? I wanted to give you a few tips to help you either get back on them or keep on going.

1.  Limit your resolutions to 10

Don’t make a laundry list of things that you set out to do. If you have too many things on the list your intention will get diluted. Choosing only ten will force you to limit yourself to things that are at the top of your priority list.

2. Have unavoidable daily reminders

Print a picture of your goal and stick it onto your fridge. Want to take it up a notch? Make a magnet that represents your goal and put that on the fridge. Put it on your calendar so that you get that daily reminder pop up on your phone. Post a motivational quote on your ceiling. This way when you wake up, you're looking at message that makes you want to hustle. Write it down on a post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror.

3. Make it data driven and create visuals of your progress

I'll give you an example of how you can do this. Let's say you want to lose weight by running and lifting weights for an entire month. Use a calendar to keep track of your progress and put an X on each day that you complete. Let's say you want to eat healthier. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your daily calorie intake. Or Aaptiv to get some daily workouts best suited for you. Let's say you want to get a promotion. Use a tool like Prezi or Google Presentations to keep track of all of your great accomplishments for the year.

4. Make your goals VERY specific

It's harder to map out a plan when your New Year's resolution is vague. Here are some examples of vague goals: I want to be in really great shape. I want to be better at work. I want to learn a new language. Here's a tip: Be specific. Here are some examples of specific goals: I want to reduce my cholesterol levels by 10%. I want to become an engineering manager within 12 months. I want to learn how to speak Spanish fluently so that I can hold a decent conversation. Get down to the details and it'll make it easier for you to map out a plan to get to our goals!

5. Break your goal into manageable parts

Making one massive goal can be overwhelming to the point that you don't know where to start. Breaking larger goals down into smaller parts makes them easier to achieve and is more gratifying, as you can check off each achievement as it occurs. For example, if your goal is to donate 100 hours to volunteer work this year, break it down into about two hours a week instead.

6. Write it down

Write your goals and share it with the world so that people can hold you accountable. Want to make it even more intense? Promise a monthly or quarterly update on your progress.

7. Share it with others

Discuss your goals and why you made them with your family and friends. This step is very important! Ask for others’ support on these goals throughout the year. If possible, team up and visit the gym or shop at the health food store together. Ask them to speak up if you slip and order a Diet Coke instead of a water, or forget another goal on your list. People who tell others about their goals are more likely to accomplish them, whether it’s because they have extra support they need, or because they’re afraid of being embarrassed if they don’t accomplish them, it’s hard to say

8. Keep it positive

Focus on what you will do, not what you will not do. What you direct your attention to determines what you will experience. Often times phrasing your goals as a negative leads to more of the very activity that you seek to change. Instead focus on the positive actions that will supplant the negative ones once they are firmly established in your life.

9.  Create an environment so that you will accomplish your goals

It’s also good to get rid of habits that don’t coincide with your goals and may contribute to you being unable to reach them.  For example, set your running shoes next to the door. Put fruits and veggies in the front of the fridge. Get rid of the junk food and don’t buy more. If something you regularly do for fun with family and/or friends includes eating out at places where most of the food is unhealthy, choose a different place that offer healthy meals. Or, don’t eat out at all and do something else like go for a walk or a bike ride instead.

10. Celebrate your wins

As you make progress on your goals, make sure you take a moment to celebrate your wins. Send yourself an e-card. Sing out loud to your favorite song and dance around like no one's watching. Post a celebration photo on Instagram with crazy amounts of hashtags. Enjoy a nice sushi dinner. Or steak. Or grilled veggies. Or whatever you like to eat. Yell out from the rooftops. Because you know what, being awesome deserves a lot of love.

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