Senior Session Ideas

It’s that time of year again to start planning your senior photo session! Everyone is into something different, and I love to help make those interests into great sessions. I have made a quick list for you to browse and get some ideas for your session.

At your high school – in front of the building, in your favorite classroom (science, art, etc)
In your sports gear
At your favorite place
With an instrument
A sentimental place
At your University (if you can)
With your fur friends (Family pets)
At the lake
At a waterfall
Jordan Greenhouse
At your house
Pumpkin patch / Christmas tree place / gardens

Incoming Seniors: Want to be a rep?

As this school year comes to a close and the seniors go on to graduate, the junior class is ready to take over. There are so many things to get excited about including the last firsts like the last first day of school, last prom, head honchos of the school, and even senior photos.

This year I am starting a senior rep program for all incoming seniors.

What does this mean?

Being a senior rep means that you get to represent Kaytee Lorentzen Photography and be the face of KLP during your senior year. You will be posted EVERYWHERE on my social media.

Are there any requirements?

Just be a high school senior in the upcoming school year. Other than that, no requirements.  I encourage ALL seniors to apply.

You will be getting your very own blog post, as well as some KLP merchandise.

All you have to do is fill out this form below to send me your application.

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Planning a graduation party - everything you need

Graduation is right around the corner for our seniors (high school and college) and that means lots of graduation parties. I wanted to take a break from tips on your sessions and move to something you can find in your everyday lives. I am here to help you plan a graduation party, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

I have put together a timeline with some tips along the way to help you along the way.


  1. Plan a date
  2. Plan a venue (can you do it out of your home or do you need a bigger space?)
  3. Get some photos done for invites
  4. Invite guests (send out invites)
  5. Plan food
  6. Plan decorations and or games
  7. Put it all together


  • Have a lot of friends graduating at one time and don’t want conflicting party dates? Plan one together!
  • Send out invites at least a month before! Get some cool photos done before so you can add a graduation photo for each person as well.
  • One cool idea is to use is get a slideshow with photos of the graduate growing up. My parents did this for me and I SOBBED. I absolutely loved it because it was special and it felt like a celebration.
  • Have some fun games out like corn hole, ladder ball toss, or even volleyball. This is a great use for a big yard and it helps the flow of people inside.
  • If planning to go to another or a new school, you can decorate in those schools colors or keep it with the colors they just graduated from.
  • To keep it less stressful for you, I always suggest catering. A good go to is BBQ food because it appeals to the most amounts of people.

New Year, New Photos Mini Session

This year I have decided to partner with some local charities around Bloomington in order to give back to the community. I have always wanted to do more, but was not sure how to do so. I am going to be offering 5 days of scheduled mini sessions this year which will have all the session fees ($100 each session) donated to the paired charity.

What does that mean for you? All you have to do is schedule a 30 minute session in an open timed slot for the day of the mini session. You would pay the $100 and that will be donated to the organization that is paired. The photos will then be available for purchase. Each scheduled mini session day will have a specific location.

This month's theme is New Year, New Photos! I am pairing with Stone Belt for this session! Start the new year off right by updating your photos. This is open to families, couples, and for individual portraits. This will be held in a photo studio. Since this studio is not mine, but I am borrowing it for the day, the address will be only given to people who book a session.

Stone Belt is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and supports for individuals with disabilities. Stone Belt was established in 1958 and is now the oldest and largest agency of its kind in south central Indiana, currently employing over 500 individuals and serving over 2,000 clients. They offer a full range of programs and services in Monroe county, empowering people to demonstrate self-determination, contribute to the building of community, and experience quality of life. Their services are accredited by CARF (formerly the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), and they are an affiliate of The Arc and United Way of Monroe County.

They provide residential, employment, manufacturing, life skills training, family support, child development and psychological services to help people actively participate in the community. Services are provided with a person-centered, customized approach that focuses on a person's capabilities and interests. Their beliefs are self-determination is essential; learning creates empowerment; all people have contributions to make; housing/home life must be self-directed; employment is a fundamental part of adult life; and social life and relationships help create quality of life. Stone Belt has earned a very positive reputation for assisting individuals with developmental disabilities, especially those with challenging behaviors, to be meaningfully included in community life.

They believe in the uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination of every individual. Therefore, it is their mission, in partnership with the community, to prepare, empower and support persons with developmental disabilities and their families to participate fully in the life of the community. Most of their services are paid for with third party reimbursement from Medicaid and other state and federal government sources. But, while vital, state and federal funding only provides for the health and safety of recipients. They rely on community partners to maintain a margin of excellence which allows us to provide appropriate training to staff and more enriching programs to their clients.

In order to book a session, you just click this link to fill out a form! You will then receive a follow up email from me confirming your time with the exact location of the session.

Message me with any questions or if you would like to know more!

How to dress for your senior session even if you have no idea what to wear

One of the most asked questions I get is "What should I wear?" In the next coming months, I will have some blog posts for many session types like this one, for couples/engagements, families, children, & just portraits. This one is all about seniors! I have collaborated with a few people, Indianapolis Blogger, Trendy in Indy, and Paige Lorentzen, to give you some great tips on what to wear for your senior session. 

Tips from Trendy In Indy:

Senior year is such an exciting time. Between planning for your next step in life and celebrating many "lasts," senior portraits also take high priority. These photos will be on your open house invites, displayed in frames in your childhood home, and probably used as your Instagram profile picture for at least the next six months. 

I wanted to share some tips on what to wear for these senior photos so that you don't look back in 10 years and think "what was I thinking?" 

1. Highlight your hobbies/sports/involvement. Typical senior photos usually showcase what you did in high school. If you were on the dance team, maybe you want to incorporate your warmup jacket in some way. If it's something important to you, this is the time to use a photo to capture that memory.

2. Think about your setting. If you are taking photos with a mostly green setting such as a forest, avoid wearing green. Instead wear a color that will pop such as yellow, orange, or blue. 

3. Time of year is critical. You want to make sure your outfits are weather appropriate. If you want to wear a dress outside, shooting in December probably won't be ideal. 

4. Variety is encouraged. Let's say you describe your everyday style as athleisure. Well, you can incorporate that here, but also consider adding something more dressy. Variety is good when it comes to photos.

5. Color is important. When trying to decide what to wear for senior photos, don't pick a color that you've never worn or that washes you out. You want to select colors that will brighten your skin tone or bring out the color of your eyes (as cheesy as that sounds). 

6. Think about what the outfit says about your personality. These photos are meant to capture a special year in your life. Make sure that the outfits you select align with who you are. For example, I have a more trendy style. Therefore, I wouldn't select to wear a sweatshirt for my senior photos because that just isn't who I am. 

7. Avoid graphic tees. Unless the shirt has your future college name or you're wearing your letter jacket, don't wear anything with wording. It can be distracting and will likely not be in style in the next 10 years. 

The bottom line is you want to be proud of these photos and feel like your best self. The outfits you select play a huge part in that feeling. If you need further inspiration, check out Pinterest for more great style guides. 

[ Check out the photos below to see some ideas! Click each photo to enlarge]

Tips from Paige Lorentzen:

Hey everyone! This is Paige, Kaytee’s sister. I am here today to give my experience and tips on how to style for a senior photo shoot. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in fashion and the expression of one’s self through clothing and beauty. I have worked with a designer and a modeling agency in the past few years to see what all goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry. As well as working with people in the fashion industry, I follow multiple bloggers and YouTuber’s/vloggers for everyday fashion advice and inspiration. Here are my tips for how to style for a senior session.

1)  Be yourself! You want to be comfortable. Don’t wear something that you would never wear in a million years, but everyone says that it is “in” or all of your friends are wearing it. First of all, you’ll probably never end up posting that picture on Instagram because you will hate how uncomfortable you will look, but also it will sit in your closet forever until you finally realize you wore it once for twenty minutes and have always hated that style.

2)  Be clean. Make sure to trim and clean your nails. Dirty nails are always such a distraction and it’s honestly one of the easiest ways to look more put together. Treat yourself to a manicure or do an at home manicure (make sure you are using all your regular “everyday” products, this is not the time to try out new products just to have an allergic reaction and forever hate your senior photos).

3)  Pin it. Go on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and find the outfits you love. This will give you inspiration and guidance. Again, try the outfits out beforehand and wear them out to see if you feel comfortable in them. This will also give you the chance to tweak what you already have working for you. Maybe you don’t like the earrings you’re wearing or the shoes you chose are only so-so and you know that the pair of boots at the back of your closet would transform your look. Don’t be scared to make a mistake once, you will be able to utilize that knowledge to better enhance the outfit.

4)  Try everything out before the shoot. Try the new make-up look; try the new hairstyle. YouTube and Google are the two main knowledge banks for make-up and hairstyles. Think about the styles you utilize in your day-to-day looks and see if you can enhance what you already know how to do. Unless you have a ton of time beforehand (the non-procrastinators) you will want to utilize the skillset you already have. Try out the smoky eye with the nude lip, or the bright lipstick (that makes you feel like a goddess) with a shimmery gold eye shadow. You want to look like yourself, but with a little more ump. Make sure to take pictures of these looks beforehand to see what looks good on camera. I would suggest using a smart phone with the natural sunshine as lighting.

5)  Iron/steam & lint roll. Make sure your clothes are looking fresh. There is nothing more noticeable than wrinkles. I personally never used to care about this, but it makes all the difference.

Tips from other sources:

Use your go-to outfit. 
Tip from Dawne Carlisle: “I’m all about being who you truly are. I tell my senior clients to think about being the best versions of themselves during their senior sessions. For me, that does not mean going out and purchasing four new outfits. In fact, I always advise them to look in their closets and pull out the outfit that is their very favorite. Everyone has a go-to outfit that they choose when going out with friends, the outfit that fits perfectly and makes them feel fabulous. I tell my seniors to bring this outfit along so they are certain they will have one outfit that fits perfectly and reflects who they truly are at this stage in life.”

Let hair move.
Tip from Allison Gipson: “I am a Hawaii portrait photographer so I prefer longer hair to be left down to showcase movement. I disclose to many a client that in the land of sunshine and rainbows we also have wind and breeze. Perfectly kept hair will not happen. I joke at all sessions, ‘Many famous people pay for expensive wind machines and Mother Nature is giving us one heck of a deal today!'”