My sisters and the things I love about them

About 23 years ago, two little rascals entered my world, destroying my hopes as an only child. I was the center of attention until they, Savannah & Paige, came along. Sure, I thought they were cute, but I didn’t fully understand the concept of them coming home with Mom and us having to keep them. That was 23 years ago, and now I love my sisters more than ever.

Paige, Savannah, and I never really got along growing up. We fought like cats and dogs all the time. Still, to this day, I wonder how our parents survived us. We were, as they called us, heathens. If it wasn’t them against me, I would end up picking one of them to come to my side. Constantly bickering, physical altercations, and pranks.

There are a few times in particular that I remember and will share with you today. Like most kids, boxes became the perfect play toy and let the imagination wander. We were no different. Mom and Dad just got a massive piece for our television and it came in a just as massive box. It was AWESOME. I used that as my hair salon for the twins. If you can guess what happened next, I was in danger and grounded for a long time.


Later down the road, my sisters had a friend over. I am not sure what lead to this, but all of a sudden I was challenged. “I bet you can’t fit in this tub!” someone yelled at me about the plastic storage bin. I was stupid enough to say, “I can too!” and climbed right in. As soon as I laid all the way down, the lid snaps on. They continue to carry me in this bin when I hear, “Let’s throw her down the stairs,” so I screamed bloody murder. Luckily, no one was harmed.

These are special memories in my heart that I hold dear. Mainly because I love telling their current friends. But, I love them because it shows where we came from. Now I want to share all the reasons why I love them so dearly today.

Reason 1:

They are my go-tos when it comes to anything fashion related. I had a terrible sense of style and still just like my plain basic staples. One of my favorite things is when they go through their closets wanting to get rid of things. It’s almost like my birthday all over again, but with the things I don’t really have to worry about is in style or not.

Reason 2:

I have some of the best friends. I can call when I need someone to talk to. I always have an ear to listen to me. I am always one to them.

Reason 3:


They will always be honest with me. I know that friends are supposed to be honest, but sisters are ones who won’t be afraid to tell you how it is. Especially mine. They aren’t afraid to hurt my feelings or tell me if I am being mean or in the wrong.

Reason 4:

I have two future party planners. Whenever the day comes that I will be wed, my sisters are going to be right by my side and helping me plan the whole thing. Like I mentioned earlier, they are very honest. But they also see things from all points of view. Which is going to be super helpful when I get “shiny object syndrome.”

Reason 5:

They are my sisters. It’s crazy how when we go out, people mistake us for triplets or even that I am twins with one of them. When we are having conversations, it’s like we almost don’t have to say every single word or sentence and we understand each other. We vibe off each other very well. We are all protective of one another. I can’t help but be so proud to be one of their sisters.

Even though they may have stolen my spotlight, I am so happy I get to call these girls MY sisters. They are everything I could have asked for in a sister and they always amaze me every day with their determination and strong will. These ladies are going places. Savannah & Paige, I love you both and thank you for being the best sisters I could ask for.

Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session

There is no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with this session. It’s because it’s of my sister and her man. I love that I was able to take their maternity session for them and my future nephew. I was really excited to take them around my stomping grounds for this session. Paige will be due at the very beginning of January (and I am really hoping it’s a New Year baby). Please enjoy these photos as much as I had putting them together.

Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-5.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-10.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-25.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-49.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-44.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-74.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-78.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-82.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-91.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-111.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-119.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-128.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-152.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-135.jpg
Paige & Nathan's Maternity Session JPEG-141.jpg