What you should and shouldn't be worried about with a session

Getting your photos taken may not seem like the most fun thing for some people. Sure you get photos of memories you can forever cherish, but you may be dreading ACTUALLY getting your photos taken. Trust me; I am in that same boat with you. I feel super awkward and overthink every pose I do. I even am overthinking the exact way my head is placed in the photo to bring out the best angle. Does this happen to you? In this post, I want to give you some advice on common things my clients could be worried about with a session.

The clothes that you pick out

With so many platforms out there, and so many bloggers and what not, there is an ABUNDANCE of information that can help you pick out the perfect outfit for your session. All you need to search is “outfits for ___(Type of session)__ session” in either Google, Bing, or my personal favorite Pinterest.

What your hair and makeup look like

This is about the same as above when it comes to your make up and hair. For guys, this can even apply to you in the hair portion. For a good search would be “natural hair/makeup for photo session.” I honestly like Pinterest because it has a lot of visuals. A great search engine is also Youtube with this section. That way you can get a full visual tutorial.

Your kids are going to act out

This is way more normal than you think that it is. That is what kids do. I still remember when I was growing up and any time a camera came out, I tried to be the center of attention and did whatever I could to get in the spotlight. It’s fine. Bring something with you to distract them or even incentivize them. I will typically suggest something they all love to do, but is SUPER special so that way they know that if they really behave it will work in their favor.

The weather

We all worry about this, including me. As much as I would like to control this, I can’t. Things happen. We do live in Indiana and predictions almost mean nothing now. We can always do our best, but there are always other options. We can reschedule or maybe even plan an indoor session.

Facial expressions and posing

When I step in front of the camera, I end up doing this all the time and overthinking it. The only thing with me, is that I am not coaching myself through everything. I will show you what to do and I am going to give you prompts the whole time to get you to smile naturally and be in the moment. I will tell you exactly what to do. So no fear here.

Pets won’t cooperate

This is one of those things that you really can’t control either. I do believe that you can control them up to a point. In the end, they are just like kids and can have their “moments” and be unpredictable. Just breathe. If they don’t cooperate, we will just try something else. I will position you to work with what they are doing. You can get them to sit, but they are facing the wrong way? That is fine. We can move.

Your family/significant other won’t take it seriously

This is actually something I have worried about before with my own significant other. We hadn’t had ANY professional pictures together and I really wanted some. I can’t tell you how awkward I felt almost the whole time because he was just as awkward. I felt very uncomfortable. This is honestly a very hard thing you have to do. You may just need to talk with anyone you may have a problem with it. Just let them know how important it is to you. Share how you feel and that you would really appreciate if they were on their best behavior. If that does not work, just know I have been in your shoes and it’s not the end of the world. You do your part and I will do the rest.

Worried how you look in person won’t translate into a beautiful picture that you envision

This is in my head CONSTANTLY. I am always envisioning this picture of me and then when I look at it, I am like “ehh.” I wish there was an easier thing to do than just trust me, but you have to. Try not to envision everything and just let me do my job. You might be pleasantly surprised.

What am I missing?

What is something I missed on this list? What are you worried about for your sessions? Comment below your fears or worries and I will add it!

There will always be worries when it comes to your session, but hopefully this will put your mind at ease a little more.