This page serves as a basic guideline for many questions that are asked. If you have further questions, feel free to call or email me. 

Q: How do I request a photo session?
A: All you have to do is fill out the form on the contact me page and I will get back to you about setting up a date, time, location, and type of photo session you would like. I will then be able to send you a contract with the invoice included.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: Each package has an amount of time allotted for the photo session at a location (not including travel time), a consultation, subscription to KLP Newsletter, and many more.

Q: Do you offer digital files?
A: Yes! Each session comes with a high resolution digital gallery for YOU to use. Along with the printing rights.

Q: What is the process of having a session?
A: I have the whole processes outlined right underneath the pricing on my Sessions Page.

Q: What is a consultation? Do I have to have one?
A: The consultation is where I will meet you at a local coffee shop and we will plan out the session. It is certainly not required but highly recommended. This is where we will discuss the session itself, work out details, and answer any questions you may have.

Q: Are you willing to travel?
A: Yes! Within reason. I serve the Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding areas, however, there can always be something else discussed. Just ask me and I will let you know.

Q: What if my event may take longer than what the packages offer?
A: Message me. We can talk more about that. I am willing to come up with something that can fit with the event.

Q: What if I just want something simple? Like a few professional head shots?
A: This is when I typically just suggest a mini session. Do you or multiple others need a few headshots? Get a group together and split the cost.

Q: Can I use your photographs on social media?
A: Of course! I love when you share my photos! If you could just give me credit and not alter the photos (cropping, adding a filter or own edits per the agreement) then I encourage you.

Q: Do you photograph other things besides humans? (Example: Pet photos)
A: YES!!! I love to photograph animals. I do let you know that the same rules apply to them as they do children. You, the owner, are responsible for them during the session and I will ask for help when it comes to commands and what not (they know you and trust you the best). It also helps if you bring a few toys and treats for me to distract them with.

Q: What is the purchase process like?
A: After I am all done with my edits, I will send you a digital gallery showing you your photographs. These photographs are the high-resolution digital files. You do have the printing rights to these photos. So feel free to do what you would like with them. However, I don’t have liability on the quality of the photographs that are not from my lab. If you do decide to get some from my lab, I do offer a select few products that I really love that you may purchase.

If you have any other questions, please ask so I can also add it to this page. You can do so by filling out the form below.

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