A Few Days to Myself

Lasse had to be gone for a few days, so I was all on my own. I was a little terrified. Sure he was able to show me around a little bit, but I still wasn't sure where everything was. 

IMG_0114 copy.jpg

Tuesday, I decided not to bike around for fear that I would get lost and flustered with this bike. Plus, I noticed I could easily take more pictures if I walked. I walked all the way to Nyhavn. From where his apartment was to here, it was about a 45 minute to an hour walk. 

Along the way, I was able to see so many different places including Islands Brygge, trampolines in the sidewalk, and many other buildings. 

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By the time I got to Nyhavn, I was starving. It was lunch time and I was really in the mood for the closest American food I could find. I know, I know. I am in Denmark and I should be trying their food and their culture. However, if you ever travel, you will know there are some days that you just need your home food. Mine is typically the first few days of the trip and then I can eat whatever afterwards. I walked along the water checking out all the restaurants there was, noticing the amazing colors of each building, and skimming each of their menus before deciding on one that had a burger, but some Danish ingredients. Perfect. My blend I needed. 

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After my belly was full, I walked to Højbro Plads which is where you can find LOTS of shops. It was busy, but it was cool just to really walk around. After this, I figured I should start heading back. 

The next day, I stayed pretty close to Islands Brygge and just people watched. This is probably a good time to talk about the amazing weather that I was being blessed with. Back in Indiana, I was used to 90 degrees with humidity skyrocketing and feeling like you can't breathe with a heat index making it feel like 105. It's really hard to enjoy your summer that way. Copenhagen was AMAZING. It was 75 degrees with a nice breeze and NO humidity. It really felt like the PERFECT summer weather. You know, where you actually want to be outside. 

Now that Lasse is back, we went to get dinner. We went to Isted Grill to get a flækesteg sandwich with bearnaise sauce. It's pretty much pork with some cabbage and sauce. Holy smokes this was this perfect. I have been told that the man who owns this shop has been around forever. I can definitely see why as he has made some amazing food. 

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Afterward, we went to the Rundetårn building (which means Round Tower). This building has no stairs. It just goes round and round all the way up. The reason it had no stairs is that Christian IV wanted to ride his horse up to the top of this tower. I completely agree with the fact that it would have been a whole lot easier to get to the top that way. It was exhausting but totally worth the view of Copenhagen. 

We worked up an appetite to get oysters and champagne from Torvehallerne. They have many other things there, but this was the choice for the evening. After that, we went to the steps of city hall and got a hot dog with chocolate milk. I never could imagine this combination together, but I was told that this is the way the Danes do it. I was pretty full from the oysters, but I did have a bite of the hot dog and sip of the chocolate milk to try it out. Not what I was expecting, in a good way. 

We then headed back to his place where his roommates and some friends were. We drank some beers, watched the soccer game and just hung out. This is when Croatia won their game advancing them into the finals. I will be heading there soon so I am really excited to see what will happen as I am there. 

Ready for the next few days of exploring around Copenhagen. Stay tuned.