Living Like A Local

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Thursday was a pretty chill day. Lasse and I got off to a rough start because we had some to drink the night before and let's just say we were hungover. So we decided to keep it pretty chill that day by going to Islands Brygge and laying out on their grass. We definetly needed to take it slow then. 

Afterwards, we decided to go on a boat tour because it was one of the hotter days that I was there. It helped me see more of the city, by boat, and learn some more information about Copenhagen. 

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After the boat tour, we rode our bikes around and found the library gardens. I could honestly live right next to there so I could visit everyday. It was beautiful, calm, and peaceful. It had many flowers, and a fountain right in the middle. This is one place I would LOVE to go back to. 


Friday ended my first leg of the trip in Copenhagen. (I will be back for the last few days before I head back to the states). We tried to go see the botanical gardens, however, it was going to cost us to get in. We instead decided to spend money to see the royal treasures at the Rosenborg Castle. 

We then met up with many of his friends and hung out at H.C. Ørstedsparken drinking some beers. Later on, we ended up at street concert with some of his friends. I had an absolute blast.

Saturday is for traveling so I am going to pack up for Dubrovnik. Cheers!