My First Solo Trip Ever Recap

As I look back on this journey, I cannot believe it happened. I know it happened, but it's just hard to believe I did it. 

I went on this trip not knowing what was in store for me. What sites I would see, people I would meet, how I would even act. When I began this trip I told myself I needed to completely push myself out of my comfort zone and that I most certainly did. 

When I began, I made absolutely no plan. The only plans I had going into it were when I was staying in which countries, how I would get to said countries, where I would be sleeping and how much money I was taking (and of course knowing I would take a Game of Thrones tour). 

If anyone knows me, they know I am a planner. I like to know what is happening and when it is happening. I also like to be on time, if not really early, to everything. It gives me some anxiety when I am not on time. Plus, I am an introvert. I don't really like going anywhere alone. I like to have a "comfort blanket" of someone coming with me to every event I go to. Otherwise, I am in the corner or just slowly mosying around not introducing myself to anyone. I am really shy and it's hard for me to just walk up to people and say hello, especially strangers. 

This trip was to prove something to myself - that I can do this. I can travel all by myself to a country I don't know the language of or anyone there. I would say, knowing Lasse definitely helped at the beginning get my feet wet to this new adventure. 

I did put a lot of pressure on him. I pretty much said, "Hey! I am coming to your country where I know very little and didn't make plans because I want to see what the locals see." Talk about pressure. I am sure if someone did that to me, I would scramble and try to figure out what is necessary to see and what isn't. How would I come up with a plan to make sure they got to experience my culture? He did a wonderful job though. It was more of on a whim most of the time coming up with plans, which is completely fine. It helped me not feel as if we needed to be somewhere the whole time, which ended up helping me relax. 

It was a good first week as it helped me prepare for all by myself in Croatia. It helped me figure out my way and learn to talk to people and use my resources. 

Before I left, I was scared to death that I was not cut out for this. That I would end up failing and wanting to immediately come home. Now that I am home, I am a new person. I feel as if I can go up to strangers and talk to them. I feel like I can ask for help. I feel as if I can conquer any airport and all the emergency exit rows. I am now confident and independent. Finally. 

This trip has given me more than I ever expected. It has given me a new drive, a new goal, and a new life motive. I have already started brainstorming my next trip (and even my trip back to Dubrovnik). This has given me the passion to travel and see the world. I cannot wait to share with you my next adventures. Thank you for reading and going on my trips with me. I hope you enjoyed them.

Until next time!